Designed with flexibility for continued campus growth, this regional medical center is designed to more than double its bed and clinical services capacity. The ED and West Tower expansions incorporate evidence-based design principals to improve patient outcomes, as well as to recruit and retain valued nurses and other clinical staff. ESa’s relationship with Williamson Medical Center spans over 21 years. Our firm has led the master planning and design of multiple campus expansions and modernizations of the original hospital that was built in 1984.

The largest expansion of the Franklin hospital in its nearly 65-year history is set to finish in 2024. The ED addition and renovations will grow from 29 to 44 exam/treatment rooms, including eight behavioral health capable rooms. West Tower beds will house 156 beds after completion, including 10 pediatric beds, 17 postpartum beds and 35 ICU beds. Modernization of the existing bed tower will involve approximately 110 enlarged and modernized beds, and multiple support services developed within the six-story bed tower at floors two through six.