Resolute Health’s project involved masterplanning, programming, and design for a fully integrated wellness campus development that features healthcare, retail, and community components in a pleasing, aesthetic continuity. ESa was charged with the creation of brand recognition through design language as well as the establishment of a welcoming, nurturing environment that creates a sense of celebratory arrival.

The focal element of the for-profit development is a medical center, which consists of a 158-bed hospital that has the future capability for expansion to 300 beds, a fitness/spa component and an 80,000-square-foot medical office building. The multi-purpose planned community campus transcends basic healthcare needs, addressing a complete array of convenient services that include wellness, home health, dining, shopping, and healthful community activities. Emphasis is placed on bundling services for consumer convenience.

The linchpin of this project is the bringing together of physicians in a clinically integrated network to share information, develop best practices and quality metrics, improve outcomes, and partner with payers. Green spaces, water features, and walking trails are artfully interwoven into the campus for easy wayfinding and as orientation elements of a healthy lifestyle approach.

Photos © Michael Peck; Video © Julee Duwe