Our foundation is human-centered design.

What Drives Us

We believe that a firm’s philosophy should steer its attitudes, actions, and daily process.
These core principles guide us:

1. Listen First

Amazing things happen in architecture when open and ongoing communication takes place. And the best ideas—the creative, long-lasting, practical ones—come only after listening first. By closely partnering with our clients, we make sure that the people most impacted by the building are the ones who live and work in it.

2. Problems Have Solutions

Problems are simply disguised possibilities. We thrive on solving them with ingenuity, humility, and experience, aided by the tools of research, benchmarking, evidenced-based design, and expanding technology.

3. Look Forward

We’re proud of our past, but our eye is on the future. With a holistic approach that celebrates both form and function, we create healthy spaces that improve the quality of life for those inside while protecting the world outside.

Where We Work

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A Life Well Lived:

The legacy of Earl Swensson

Earl Swensson
Earl Swensson, FAIA Emeritus, founder (1930 - 2022)

Sustainability. Human-centered design. Environments shape lives. Improve quality of life. These were integral beliefs of not only the man, but of the architect – Earl Swensson. Swensson designed spaces for people to live, create and thrive. From residential and senior living to hospitals and medical office buildings to hotels and offices, the tenets of Earl Swensson that were adopted by his work “family” live on today and will continue into the future.

Outspoken, his “Earlisms” exemplify his core beliefs and are reflected in the designs of ESa.

We must create human architecture, not architects’ architecture.

— Earl Swensson

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