Sustainability is inherent to good design.

Protecting the Future

We believe in creating healthy environments that improve quality of life and reflect good stewardship of the natural environment and its resources. We also believe that sustainability is a natural outcome when creating human-centered environments is your priority.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Evidence-Based Design

Collectively, we are actively working to conserve and improve the environment around us. To accomplish sustainable goals, ESa utilizes evidence-based design, implementing proven strategies gathered from historic data on projects to help our clients analyze the return on investment and determine best practices. We are constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to help provide sound solutions to all of their project-related problems.

Community and Environment

Our company also proactively supports community outreach efforts and engages in change-effecting community projects. Just as we are active in the community, we also care about our employees and their work environment, as evidenced by our own office spaces that we have designed to LEED standards. This multi-faceted approach is an important part of our culture.

Sustainability Partnerships

“With enrollment more than doubling in 15 years, Belmont has grown from a 1.5-million-square-foot campus to a 50-building, 4-million-square-foot campus. Energy efficiency and sustainable design are important aspects of our improvements, and ESa has been a terrific partner in achieving our goals. In fact, Belmont has held energy cost increases to just 10 percent despite the large increase of 167 percent in square footage. These upgrades represent a larger, long-term commitment to sustainability that reflects the university’s commitment to environmental stewardship.”

— Belmont University President Dr. Bob Fisher

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