The new, 200-bed replacement hospital is the first greenfield campus built by AdventHealth since the 1990s, and serves as a prototype that envisions the future of healthcare. Located in Apopka, the Indoor Foliage Capital of the World, the design is inspired by the greenhouses that spread across the landscape. The site is planned to resemble a more natural environment, drawing inspiration from Lake Apopka and nearby natural springs.

The building’s transitional design is intended to set the tone for Wellness Point, a new mixed-use district focused on healthcare, retail and residential uses. This area will eventually become the city’s southern gateway.

Specific focus for the building includes the use of evidence based design and Lean planning, focused not just on the care of the sick but also the needs of a wellness-focused community hospital. Physician offices are integrated for ease of access to services for both patients and staff. The existing facility serves a large, aging population, with over 90% of admissions coming through the ED. By incorporating an urgent care model into the traditional ED setting and combining with AdventHealth’s Lean Track and OBs Care models, the goal of the facility is to improve wait times and allow patients to be seen at the appropriate level of care based on acuity. This is only the second time this model has been developed within the health system and the first time it will be offered at a full-service community hospital.

Photos: © Attic Fire Photography