DiAnne is a Senior Project Manager with over 25 years of experience with healthcare and civic projects. She joined ESa in 1993, and earned her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. DiAnne, who documents a project’s design so that the contractor can build it to reflect the designer’s intent, leads the development of many larger facilities through various phases of schematic design, documentation and construction administration. DiAnne’s goal is to “help make certain that users have the best space they can envision within their cost parameters.”

Throughout her career, DiAnne has gained experience managing a wide range of diverse personalities and finely honed her sense of realistic problem solving. By not limiting her designs to simply what she “feels comfortable with,” DiAnne continually strives to give clients a reason to request the same design team, again and again. An EDAC Accredited Individual, DiAnne is inspired to come to work each day because she knows that she has the “potential to make someone else’s life better.” In her personal time, DiAnne loves to cook and bake for her family and friends and enjoys a number of creative activities.