Serving a rural community that has been without a hospital since the previous facility closed in 2011, this new 29-bed hospital and adjoining medical office building are located on a 32-acre greenfield site. The new regional medical center, which embraces concepts and elements found in residential and hospitality architecture, is designed to be less institutional in nature. The one-story hospital incorporates an abundance of natural light and capitalizes on exterior views of the surrounding landscape. These design elements help establish a seamless transition from exterior to interior spaces.

The hospital contains the following patient diagnostic and treatment spaces: emergency department, imaging, surgery, endoscopy and PACU, among others. Public areas include a lobby/central registration, chapel and dining services. Located adjacent to the hospital’s main entry lobby, the MOB is integrated into the facility and contains administrative spaces such as executive administration, accounting, information technology and medical records. A classroom is utilized for staff, patient and community training and events, while shell space will provide patients and visitors with future access to an outpatient rehabilitation suite and physicians’ offices.

The medical center is planned and detailed for horizontal expansion that can be accomplished expediently and with minimal disruption to existing services. Interior departments are also arranged to minimize disruption of clinical functions and life safety egress.

Photos: © Attic Fire Photography