Russ joined ESa in 1991, and has over 30 years of professional experience. He has served a variety of roles for the firm—starting as a draftsmen, providing project management services and then finally transitioning to his current role as a Construction Contract Administrator 15 years ago. Russ oversees the construction of ESa projects, and builds relationships with owners and contractors throughout the process. He believes excellent client service is demonstrated by “going above and beyond all expectations of the owner.”

Russ has a wide range of experience that includes numerous medical projects—new hospitals, additions and renovations of healthcare facilities, as well as senior living design and assisted living projects. He has extensive experience with incorporating evidence-based design into healthcare projects to create an environment that supports a culture of patient safety and operational efficiency.

Russ is inspired to come to work each day because he has the opportunity to help build facilities that will help people better their lives. He enjoys “getting out of the office” to travel to different parts of the country and meet a variety of people, and he gets a great sense of accomplishment from working with clients and other project team members to complete a project. Originally from Ohio, Russ attended Central Ohio technical College (Newark, OH), earning an Associates’ Degree in Architectural Drafting and Design.