This new, one-story replacement hospital serves a rural community that had been without much-needed medical services for several years. The emergency department volume, estimated at 25,000 per year, and a cost-conscious budget drove the design of the hospital. Located within 30 minutes of a larger tertiary hospital, a helipad enables medevac to transfer higher acuity patients.

ESa delivered a highly effective design in budget, without sacrificing medical services. A major public spine connects the hospital —which includes 11 beds, ED, two ORs, 10 patient rooms, full imaging services and C-suite—to a cancer center with infusion bays and a chemo-capable pharmacy. The ED can overflow into in-patient beds to accommodate increased volume and other hospital services are also co-located to encourage operational efficiency. Anticipating future growth, the facility is designed to accommodate 20 additional beds and the expansion of major clinical areas. Additional amenities include a chapel, market/restaurant and an outdoor courtyard with a garden area.

A respite area adjacent to the main lobby showcases art reflecting the local community, while the outdoor garden features a surgeon’s healing hands sculpture that the client specifically relocated to the new facility. The continuation of exterior stone and lighting features inside the facility encourage community integration, while large windows with unobstructed views in the main waiting area invite patients and visitors inside. A creative, cost-conscious approach to the interior spaces combines modern, fresh design with simple wayfinding. Bringing the general contractor on board early enabled successful budget and schedule management, despite added time and cost associated with site preparation.

Photos: © Chad Mellon