The new freestanding, four-story building serves as a gateway to the existing medical campus, helping to promote future-based healthcare services through its modern, clean design. Complete with a medical oncology clinic, the new facility consolidates radiation oncology, outpatient infusion and breast and diagnostic imaging services, which were previously spread throughout the campus, to encourage integrated physician collaboration and improved patient access.

Drawing on elements of hospitality design to create an environment that inspires healing, the interior architecture of this state-of-the-art cancer institute is designed to intuitively lead the patient through the space. Access to daylight and outside views, as well as the use of familiar materials and textures in modern yet timeless ways, heavily influences the design to encourage feelings of peace and comfort for patients and families. A family area with a fireplace, bistro, reflection room, rooftop terrace, public plaza/garden space, exterior water feature and a private boutique for patients to try on donated wigs all contribute to the soothing atmosphere.

To address site constraints and sharp grades, the building and integrated elevated parking structure is recessed in the steeply sloped site. An on-grade connector to the existing hospital allows for ease of patient access and staff integration.

Photos: © Chad Mellon