Once fragmented and scattered medical and radiation oncology departments have been reimagined in a cancer center that consolidates and expands oncology services to create an integrated, patient-centered healthcare experience. A chemo infusion area, state-of-the-art lab space, physician office space and an in-house pharmacy are designed to improve the patient experience and encourage operational efficiencies for physicians and staff.

A specially designed entryway for patients allows for easy access parking, entry, registration and wayfinding. The facility features a healing garden and extensive use of natural lighting combined with calming colors, materials and artwork to create a positive and nurturing experience for patients and visitors.

The existing radiation oncology department was the focus of renovations to improve patient and staff flow. Faced with the critical task of keeping the department open throughout all phases of the project, renovation of the older spaces commenced after new construction was completed. This phasing enabled radiation oncology’s key departments to remain operational and deliver oncology care to patients throughout the course of construction.

Photos: © Sam Fentress