For the past 30 years, ESa’s corporate offices were scattered on several different floors in a nearby location. The firm seized the rare opportunity to create a new, more efficient space better representing the unique team and family-oriented culture. Guided by the firm’s core values—Drive, Loyalty, Attitude and Humility, the 50,000 square feet of space is consolidated into two floors.

A welcoming lobby with tremendous views of the city’s skyline overlooks an open stair, which encourages physical activity and collaboration between floors. An adjacent “Plaza” acts as the firm’s family room. A large kitchen, dining area and soft seating provides space that employees utilize throughout the day. Just below, a flexible conference center incorporating magnetic white boards and touch screen technology is designed to support meetings of all sizes—from two to over 200.

The LEED Platinum®, open-office environment utilizes 75 percent of the floor space. Private offices for senior management and conference rooms are located along the building core, and the perimeter is dedicated to individual, universally-sized workstations that maximize daylight and views.


Photos: © Attic Fire Photography