With nearly two decades of experience, Ben’s experience covers a spectrum of project types, including education, medical training and performing arts design and master planning projects. He plays a pivotal role in the entire design process, starting from the early stages by engaging with clients and end users to gain a deep understanding of their objectives and requirements. Ben’s expertise contributes to the transformation of conceptual ideas into aesthetically pleasing and highly functional design solutions.

What sets Ben apart is his appreciation for the diversity inherent in architectural design. His broad expertise means he and his team might be crafting plans for a cutting-edge athletic facility one day, and the next, they could be envisioning a new performing arts master plan. This diversity fuels his passion for the field and keeps him engaged.

For Ben, exceptional client service means not only delivering what clients desire but also sharing his knowledge of national trends within education design. This invaluable insight helps address underlying needs and challenges that may not be immediately apparent at the project’s inception. With Ben at the helm, design projects are not just about meeting expectations but exceeding them while staying at the forefront of industry developments.

Outside of the office, Ben is an active member of the American Institute of Architects, national, state, and middle Tennessee chapters, a member of the Allied Membership, International Association of Venue Managers and serves as board vice president for the Nashville Civic Design Center.