Embarking on a visionary journey at the heart of Music Row with our long-term partner, Belmont University, ESa was selected as lead architect for the transformative endeavor blending reverence for the past with a bold step into the future for the renovation of the existing buildings and construction of a new state-of-the art facility. In the bustling nexus of creativity, our mission is twofold: to honor the storied legacy and rich history of the area while ushering in a new era of innovation.

The project will unfold in two phases. Phase one, already underway, includes renovating the historic Buddy Lee Attractions/Capitol Records building (38 Music Square East), adding 17,000 square feet of songwriting rooms, listening spaces, live sound classrooms and student lounges. The renovation will include new, updated space for Nashville’s Leadership Music offices, continuing Belmont’s and Curb College’s partnership with the organization.

Phase two will develop a new 75,000-square-foot building behind Belmont’s existing Music Row footprint. Construction on this facility will commence over the next 24 months and will integrate all facets of the entertainment industry, including a performance venue anticipated to accommodate over 150 people, networking and gathering spaces for students and industry professionals, a coffee shop, content capture rooms and underground parking. The centerpiece project reinforces Belmont’s and Mike and Linda Curb’s commitment to both preserving Music Row’s legacy and driving innovation for the future of Curb College, the largest free-standing college of entertainment and music business in the world.