The vision for the Haupert Union Building, affectionately known as the “HUB”, dates to the early 1950s when students began organizing, planning, and fundraising for a dedicated student space on campus. When it was completed in 1962 it was the first student union building on a college campus in Pennsylvania. Originally called the “CUB”, for College Union Building, it was considered “the student center built by students.”

To meet the growing needs of the student population, ESa conducted a feasibility study with multiple design concepts resulting in the strategy for a new addition and major renovation for the existing HUB building. These improvements will transform the aging building into a modern social center that further enhances student life, connects the larger community and alumni, improves student recruitment efforts, and amplifies the heart of campus—the Haupert Union Building.

Located adjacent to Makuvek Field, which serves as the home for multiple women’s and men’s varsity sports, the HUB currently houses numerous essential functions at the center of campus. These include the Blue and Gray Café, the main dining room, Student Affairs, the Prosser Auditorium, multiple student lounges, meeting rooms, and a black box theater.

The existing building will be significantly demolished to accommodate the new three-story addition that will house student lounges, meeting rooms, gathering spaces, multiple student and administration suites, a new 264-seat conference center, a board room, and a wellness center. The building systems are vastly improved, including a relocated loading dock, now out of public view and upgraded to serve the building more efficiently. The renovation to the root level will include a relocated and upgraded Health and Counseling Center, as well as new dining offices and expanded storage space.

The new HUB will feature:

  • A grand front desk with enlarged Events Management offices on the main floor.
  • A monumental, sculptural stair at the front entry connecting all three floors of the new addition.
  • An enhanced Career & Civic Engagement Suite.
  • A new Game Room for livestreaming events or standard sports viewing, for the student body.
  • A range of student lounge spaces, complete with individual study pods with small and large gathering spaces, are located throughout the building.
  • An indoor and outdoor casual dining space, the Pavilion, located directly next to the popular Blue and Gray Café.
  • A dedicated Student Organization Suite with offices for Moravian Activities Council and University Student Government.
  • A centralized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Suite.
  • An integrated Student Life Suite including space for multiple departments such as Disability and Accommodations, Student Housing, Greek Life, Residence Life, and Student Accountability.
  • A celebrated Veterans’ Suite for students and alumni.
  • An expanded Mo’s Cupboard, a Food and Resource Pantry for the Moravian University community.
  • A Multi-Faith Prayer Room, including Ablution space.
  • A dedicated Wellness Suite and terrace establishing a quiet, contemplative space for students to seek respite.
  • A classically designed Board Room, complete with the latest conference technologies, for Trustees and other campus governance groups.
  • A large Conference Center supporting Moravian University events, as well as outside conferences and events.
  • Meeting rooms, ranging in size, located throughout the building.
  • Multiple terraces located on each level, including tiered stadium-style seats overlooking Makuvek Field, the varsity athletics field.
  • An upgraded Health and Counseling Center, including therapy, exam, and waiting rooms, at the root level of the building.
  • Improved Dining offices and Kitchen storage.

Drawing inspiration from Moravian’s rich heritage, the exterior architecture incorporates historic building forms and uses existing materials that are reminiscent of its storied past. The interior design features a contemporary solution that emphasizes and celebrates the interaction between students and the community. This fusion creates a new environment that distinctly honors Moravian’s culture, provides modern programs for the student body, and establishes dynamic architecture for campus. through modern programs architecture. spaces into the modern era. The project is under construction and is to be completed by the fall of 2025.