Designed with flexibility and the opportunity for future expansion in mind, this one-story office buildout embodies a clean, contemporary style that captures the essence of a modern construction firm.

The design creatively incorporates raw building materials to reflect the tenant’s passion for construction and represent their 40-plus years in the industry. Exposed cast-in-place concrete, unfinished wood, visible structure and frameless glass design elements blend industrial and sleek design to honor Bell Associates’ history while presenting a new, modern face for the firm.

The design of the open office space utilizes a monolithic glass wall system that preserves access to daylight while maintaining privacy for offices and conference spaces. Flexible space planning that includes a casual break area, shared high-top work stations, more traditional private offices and open workstations allows occupants to work in a variety of ways, while encouraging collaboration within departments.

Defining features that marry the industrial nature of construction with clean, modern design include a reception area with exposed cast-in-place concrete wall and custom-designed wood feature, storage areas with exposed black piping that supports smooth stained wood shelving and wood trellis open ceilings.

Photos: © Chad Mellon