The creative renovation of this 6-story office space reflects VF’s workwear brands and encourages effective workflow for a wide variety of roles. The design team first conducted an office-wide survey to understand the needs and goals of each department. The resulting solution restructures floorplans and adjacencies to meet various department/brand needs, while respecting the client’s budget.

VF Workwear wanted a new headquarters that reflects both their specific workwear-related brands and the workforce industries they serve. Exposed ceilings and the use of reclaimed wood, steel, concrete, tire treads, exposed bolts/fasteners and patina metal create a modern, industrial feel. Relocated from the second floor, the main lobby establishes VF’s presence immediately upon entering, while a monumental stair links the reception area to the customer-facing second floor. Five full floors of office space, an impressive showroom, a large meeting space accommodating 150+ people, a fitness center, storage and collaborative spaces are provided. The showroom can be reconfigured via movable partitions that double as product display racks. Encouraging collaboration, work rooms incorporate pin-up space on cork wall tiles, marker boards, full height glass walls, long wardrobe rods and movable furniture. New automatic doors allow for seamless movement of products and people.

Careful phasing allowed employees to occupy the building throughout construction and existing materials were repurposed wherever appropriate.

Photos: © Chad Mellon