System integration is key for this freestanding emergency facility, designed with a modern edge and emphasis for an aging population. This ER, which meets a large continuing care retirement community’s growing need for additional emergency services, integrates seamlessly into the UF Health system by utilizing existing system resources for clinical staff and key facility support. Reducing the overall square footage required at the freestanding facility, this approach also decreases construction-related and long-term operating costs.

This freestanding ER was designed to promote Lean operational processes aiming to reduce cost, improve the staff/patient experience and promote staff/patient safety. The ER design enables variable patient loads to be addressed with minimal staff, while maintaining visibility throughout the facility. The open design allows for staff and supply chain consolidation organized around a central work core. With the ability to flex as an additional exam room, triage space is designed to quickly assess patients and then move them to a vertical lounge or an exam room.

Twelve universal exam rooms encourage flexibility and accommodate treatment of a wide variety of patient issues, two behavioral health rooms are designed to be utilized for behavioral health patients or as a typical exam room, as needed. Four results waiting positions, two trauma rooms, a flex room for multiple modalities and CT imaging capability are also provided. Designed for future expansion, shell space for 13 exam rooms and an imaging expansion will provide future capacity that will integrate seamlessly into the existing platform.

Photos: © Attic Fire Photography