Charlie is an accomplished architect with two decades of experience, specializing in healthcare projects across the nation. As a principal, he holds a pivotal role in the design process, overseeing master planning, site development, programming, schematic design, and departmental planning. His expertise extends to fostering effective communication within project teams, ensuring projects adhere to schedules and budgets.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Charlie’s design philosophy revolves around creating solutions that surpass expectations and not only address current trends but also anticipate future needs. He leads initiatives to deeply understand the requirements and processes of end users, seamlessly integrating research and design aspects, spanning medical planning, aesthetics and functionality. Charlie’s designs are distinguished by their incorporation of programmatic, environmental, hospitality, and contextual elements, resulting in healing environments that prioritize patient comfort and aesthetics.

Through his leadership and comprehensive approach to design, Charlie not only shapes physical spaces but also contributes significantly to the advancement of healthcare architecture, making a lasting impact on the built environment.