This addition to the campus promotes Lean processes and patient-centered care, while also leveraging the hospital’s “creation” elements.

An iconic entry onto the site and into the hospital redefines the campus. The simple massing of the contemporary architecture and materials (pre-cast concrete, glass and metal panels) contrasts with dynamic multicolored glass for a bold statement.

For the expansion of the site, integrating a three-story bed tower and adding to the emergency department, the hospital features healthy living through dining and integrated outdoor spaces, which include outdoor dining and a walking trail. Centralized public areas allow for easy wayfinding, and the central energy plant expanded to accommodate the additions.

For operational efficiencies, Lean design principles are incorporated to reduce travel distances for staff and patient transport. Separation is established for front-of-the-house and back-of-the house functions to enhance efficiency and patient privacy. Maximized daylighting promotes healing and a wellness environment throughout the facility. The hospital site is also being expanded for additional parking and the provision of safe pedestrian access and egress. LEED® certification is being pursued.

Photos © Kieran Reynolds Photography