This one-story office space balances polish with an inviting, industrial feel that further enhances OGA’s corporate image. Conceived to utilize raw, industrial materials like steel, glass and brick to create a sleek and sophisticated design solution, this fast-track project blends old and new elements to create a character that complements the surrounding neighborhood.

Site limitations resulted in a unique massing of building elements, culminating in a two-story glass atrium that serves as the main focal point. An exterior steel ribbon defining the building’s main entry connects the different wood, steel and glass building elements, while providing intuitive wayfinding for visitors. Thin door frames and glass doors throughout allow daylight to permeate building corridors. Soft white LED fixtures and LED retrofit lamps provide warm lighting throughout the space, and acoustic ceiling clouds limit noise.

Interior details like a reclaimed wood floors, exposed ceilings and brick walls, old factory windows and metal barn doors further convey the aesthetic. The unique amenities of an outdoor patio with grill and a basketball court are also included.

Photos: © Chad Mellon