Randel, a Senior Designer/Principal on ESa’s medical design team, possesses over 40 years of experience with projects across the country. He joined the firm in 1979, after beginning his career in the design profession with another firm.

Randel is responsible for directing and coordinating the design of numerous new medical facilities that range in size from large medical centers, hospitals and specialized centers, to additions and renovations of smaller facilities and medical office buildings. Although design professionals are often considered the experts in the collaborative process, Randel believes that there is still a lot to be learned from listening and asking questions. Since architecture (especially healthcare architecture) affects people, he believes good design must be influenced by multiple perspectives—patients, families, doctors, nurses, CEOs and other staff.

Randel joined ESa as a draftsman and soon filled role of a project architect due to the firm’s growth. He became a principal by working hard and taking advantage of opportunities that were made available to him. His keen attention to detail and experienced management abilities help ensure that ESa’s clients’ needs are met, and that their projects are completed within budget and in a timely manner. A member of the national, state and local chapters of the AIA, Randel is inspired to come to work each day because of the caring, family-oriented atmosphere and the solid partnerships he has developed with his fellow team members. He believes that trust “drives people to exceed, and keep exceeding, expectations.”