The Sweeten Creek Mental Health and Wellness Center is designed around creating a safe and healing environment for all patients and staff. During the project, the design team worked simultaneously with HCA Healthcare to develop design guidelines that will impact behavioral health facility design and delivery of behavioral healthcare across the nation.

Designed to be comforting and welcoming, patient units utilize an open floor-plan concept which increases nurse station visibility across the unit and into therapy areas. Patient areas are designed to invite natural light into the spaces and evoke a sense of calm. Secured outdoor areas provide added room for activities and recreation including walking paths, basketball and patio seating.

The facility is designed to utilize the treatment mall concept where patients are brought off of the units when possible to enjoy the gymnasium, partake in activity therapy, horticulture and dining. The facility is single story, with 120 beds and is designed so that patients do not interact or pass through another unit to get to the therapy areas or dining. There are five distinct patient types which include pediatrics, adolescent, geriatric, low-acuity and high-acuity. Each unit will have designated areas suited to their specific care needs.

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