Before this center was built, heart-related clinical functions were scattered at Centennial Medical Center, an inconvenience to patients, visitors, doctors, nurses, and staff. The newly established comprehensive center consolidates all these functions into one dedicated center to form a complete hospital-within-a-hospital on the third floor.

For immediate access, the expanded center includes a renovated patient drop-off, a dedicated entrance, and a motor lobby. Renovated elevators lead to the third level’s reception, where patient registration and the central waiting room are located. Patient pre-admissions testing, cardiodiagnostics, outpatient staging, and pre-surgical preparation are immediately adjacent to this area. For efficiency and avoidance of cross-over traffic in the clinical areas, the surgical suite, cardiac catheterization suite, recovery, intensive care unit, and administration suites are located on staff-only corridors.

Photos: © Kyle Dreier Photography