The renovation of existing shell space creates a central, state-of-the-art medical training and meeting space to support residency program education for Riverside Regional Medical Center. Utilized for the evaluation of new equipment, in addition to resident training, meeting and simulation lab spaces focus on improved instructional and IT capabilities, while also providing convenient access for end users and Riverside Regional’s leadership.

Designed to Riverside standards, which are driven by biophilic design principles and the local cultural palette, all in-house simulation labs possess visual and digital connectivity to staff oversight and teaching spaces via integrated technology and attached mirrored glass control rooms. A Med/Surg and ICU Training room with one shared, dividing patient room; a Labor and Delivery Training Room with patient room and suture training space for hands on instruction and skill practice; and an Emergency Trauma Training Room with trauma room are featured. Simulated patient rooms are configured and equipped to mimic Riverside Regional Medical Center’s most current patient room design, complete with staff charting and wall monitor technologies. The emergency trauma training room also mirrors existing emergency trauma rooms, including a raised observation platform utilized by emergency staff for immediate critical feedback. A flexible work room with a surgical sink and a patient bed also houses classroom training tables, monitors for teaching and teleconferencing and ample medical equipment storage.

Future planned AR/VR training capabilities will simulate treatment scenarios and surgical intervention strategies. With large monitors and training tables for shared conference/teaching purposes and digital connectivity to all training rooms, the AR/VR training room is configured to specifically view and support the simulation labs.

Photos: © Attic Fire Photography