Dominating the approximate 210-acre campus, this hospital is the first that the Mayo Clinic has ever designed and built from the ground up. Design emphasis for the five-story acute-care hospital is placed on providing the latest medical technology while being patient- and family-friendly. Following that theme, the atrium lobby welcomes guests by promoting a healing environment through natural light, plants, and a grand piano.

The hospital’s 208 private patient rooms are clustered in groups no larger than 12 beds each, and the entire hospital is prewired for telemetry so that monitoring of heart and other vital signs can be accomplished from any patient room. Since the facility needs to be expandable to 500 beds, an interstitial floor was added for future MPE and communications so that additions can be made without interrupting existing services. All departments are designed for expansion, and all patient rooms are designed for adaptation to critical care use.

The outpatient specialty building, completed eight years after the hospital, features architecture that blends with the hospital, utilizing natural lighting, texture, and indigenous desert colors to create a wellness facility. The new facility, connected to the northeast corner of the hospital, is designed to increase Mayo’s treatment capacity and enhance patient convenience. A total of 29,000 square feet of the total 172,775 square feet of space is devoted to Radiation Oncology and configured to ultimately house four linear accelerators, up from its current two.

Mayo Clinic Hospital Photos © Mark Boisclair Photography; Mayo Clinic Specialty Building Photos © Kieran Reynolds Photography