Accommodating future growth for one of the university’s fastest growing majors, the four-story addition housing TNU’s Physician Assistant (PA) Program connects to the existing Greathouse Science Building creating a central science campus at this urban university. The direct connection promotes interdisciplinary education and student collaboration across all science majors. New student, staff and instruction spaces include three PA labs, three PA classrooms, an exercise science lab, a biology classroom, 15 exam rooms, 22 staff offices and an outdoor roof terrace overlooking the historic campus quad.

The new addition serves the first and longest running PA program in the state. While utilizing the existing science building’s red brick material palette, juxtaposed with glass and modern detailing, the new building’s design pays homage to the history of the PA program and displays continuity with the original facility while establishing a new identity for modern health sciences education.

A creative, budget-conscious design approach, which mitigated extreme site constraints, leveraged the available square footage creating a well-stacked floor plan that integrates student lounge and study spaces throughout. A monumental stair establishes a natural circulation path between all floors. The first floor is dedicated to biology and exercise science programs; the second floor houses office space, a conference room and classrooms, while floors three and four provide the secure environment, specialized instruction spaces and quiet areas needed to accommodate the PA program.

Photos © Gabe Ford Photography