As the eighth Margaritaville Hotel, the Nashville Margaritaville is the first located in an urban context. The design challenge for this 12-story hotel lies in weaving Jimmy Buffett’s beachfront style into Music City to create authentic visitor experiences. Complete with 218 guest rooms, two levels of parking, 10,500 square feet of banquet space, a rooftop pool and bar, portico, restaurant, coffee shop and retail space, the new hotel embraces both Margaritaville’s brand and Nashville’s character.

Elements of water, tropical foliage, natural woods, trellises and abundant natural light convey Margaritaville’s sense of escapism and relaxation, helping to transport the guest into a world outside the hustle of the urban environment upon entry to the entrance portico. A variety of spaces for live music and outdoor dining connect the visitor with Nashville’s vibrant, urban streetscape.

Architectural elements that are reminiscent of Key West, Margaritaville’s inspiration, include stucco, vibrant color accents, teak wood and water elements. A thorough understanding of the 5th Avenue area, surrounding tourist destinations and traffic flow further inform architectural and design decisions.

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