Located in a repurposed textile factory in an up-and-coming Nashville neighborhood, this renovated space houses a bar and restaurant with a “local pub” feel. Reminiscent of a library, the design of the space centers around the beverage bar and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that also honors its industrial history.

Original stone walls and heavy timber columns are exposed to allow the open floor plan to remain untouched. The design team embraced the open ceiling beam structure and closely integrated new systems to limit enclosed areas. Lighting and fixtures that accommodate low ceiling heights were carefully selected and the original window locations were restored to allow ample natural light. The antique mirror above the banquette was selected and positioned to reflect light throughout the space.

Natural wood flooring and custom millwork warm the stone walls to accentuate the “found library” aesthetic. Picture lights showcase the owner’s collection of Ernest Hemingway art on a new gallery accent wall, while Hemingway-inspired details, like penny tiles that mimic typewriter keys on the custom hostess stand and the card catalogue-inspired divider that provides separation for the dining area, further emphasize this theme.

Photos © Chad Mellon