Located between 4th Avenue North, a magnet for young professionals, and Printer’s Alley, a famous late-night entertainment district, this 12-story boutique hotel blends elements from two historic buildings with modern features to create a one-of-a-kind hotel with an impressive number of amenities under one roof. Positioned in the historic core of Nashville, the 168-room hotel and its full-service restaurant, three additional bars, two meeting spaces, music venues and a coffee shop cater to tourists and locals alike.

Expansive renovations to the two buildings, which formerly housed George A. Dickel’s Climax Saloon and Hugh Cathcart Thompson’s Utopia Hotel, complement the existing architecture and preserve historic design details. Constructed in 1887, the saloon’s façade is preserved and missing elements like finials, cornices and stone pilasters were refurbished or recreated. The Utopia Hotel, originally built c. 1890, was also renovated to include 25 guest rooms. Two street front entrances were designed for Dream Hotel. A grand entrance on 4th Avenue North is adjacent to higher-end retail and restaurant venues, while the entrance located along Printer’s Alley is more inconspicuous and in keeping with the night-life for which the area is well-known.

The more modern 144-room expansion juxtaposes brick, metal panel and stucco building elements. In the restaurant, a 66-foot skylight serves as a contemporary focal point. Designers incorporated technology-forward modern touches, while artwork and other elements reflecting the history of Printer’s Alley are incorporated to create “moments” for visitors to share on various social media platforms. Interiors were designed by Meyer Davis Studio and supported by Lyne, LLC. The project was completed in collaboration with Lake|Flato Architects.

Photos: © Chad Mellon; © Edward Menashy Photography