New 680,000-square-foot, 30-story mixed use residence featuring 393 apartment units, parking garage and 17,000 square feet of retail space activating Church Street, 11th Avenue North and Comers Alley in the Nashville Gulch.

The tower podium consists of resident lobby and amenity space, retail, parking garage and back-of-house services. The massing of the podium is meant to reflect the industrial nature of the warehouses that used to dot blocks within Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood. The tower also seeks to borrow from its base by utilizing like materials  to create a framing element around the entirety of the resident portion of the tower. Furthering differentiating the capital of the tower, three floors of luxury units are visually set apart that contain more celebrated balcony conditions.

This project does intersect with an elevated viaduct along Church Street. This project looks to accomplish several items satisfying urban needs for the area. Activation of Church Street, 11th Avenue and Comers Alley with retail is only made possible by the fact that the parking garage is split into two separate entrances and exits that do not connect with one another. The 125 11th Avenue North Development is seeking LEED for Homes Silver certification.