Three new rustic-contemporary, one-story buildings will house the school’s students, ages preschool through middle school. The design is centered around the school’s faith-based philosophy to guide each child to discover his or her own unique path in becoming a peaceful, spiritual and involved member of society. To bolster that philosophy, the buildings will surround a shared courtyard that facilitates interaction between students and teachers. The entry building will include offices, a teaching kitchen and a multi-purpose room for fundraisers and other gatherings, both for the school and the greater community.

In order to emphasize the school’s connection to the outdoors and accommodate teachers’ preferences, each classroom will have numerous windows and a segmented glass garage door to maximize natural light and reduce the need for overhead lighting. A north-facing clerestory will also provide each classroom with additional natural lighting. Outside, a natural playground built into the site’s existing grade incorporates equipment to help children harvest rainwater and nurture self-planted gardens.

The project schedule was expedited so that the school could accommodate new students in the fall of 2016. The division of the school into three separate, wood-frame buildings will expedite the construction process and provide cost savings to the client.