Located in the heart of campus and dedicated in memory of the of long-time Library Director, Hope Shull, this new academic resource center serves as a hub of social and academic activity for students and faculty. The center embraces new trends in library design by incorporating more open spaces that foster student collaboration and faculty mentorship.

Exterior brick, aluminum storefront and shingles blend existing and new architectural styles on the campus while remaining compliant with campus standards. The street-facing exterior presents transparency to the community, and the campus-facing entrance incorporates a regraded plaza that helps seamlessly integrate the library with the rest of campus.

Inside, warm socialization and support spaces make the new building a destination for students. Amenities include a café; the iLearn Commons that assists students and faculty on the Mac-based campus; discipline-specific study rooms monitored by on-site tutors; recording rooms for professors to record online content; video-monitored testing rooms; and flexible meeting spaces. Digitally consolidating resources and utilizing compact shelving allowed planners to maximize usable study space and create a variety of group and individual seating opportunities.

Photos © Attic Fire Photography