The library and learning commons serve as symbols of the university’s centennial celebration and connectivity to the community. The project is a component of three buildings in the master plan that are designed to serve as a gateway into the campus and create an edge of the quad along a pedestrian spine.

With an addition and repurposing of the existing library building, the new building centralizes student services for reference materials, IT support and academic tutoring. Included are student support and socialization areas with a café and several seminar work spaces.

The facility marks a different shift in architecture to indicate forward-thinking permanence with a western vernacular. Open, airy spaces providing ample natural light and views to the campus set a tone of vibrancy. The space has become an area for people to meet one another, to study together, for solitary research and study, to seek guidance and as a rendevous point. This project was completed in association with Architecture Northwest.

Photos © Attic Fire Photography