A new state-of-the-art replacement clinic helps communicate Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance’s (TOA) position as one of the top regional providers in the Southeast. All of TOA’s non-surgical functions have been relocated to this space, housed on three floors of the 8 oneC1TY MOB, also designed by ESa. The clinic includes exam/treatment rooms, imaging, one infusion room, an after-hours clinic and a hand therapy center.

To meet the client’s goals to improve work flow adjacencies for providers and patients, exam rooms are laid out in pods, with centralized nurse stations and doctor viewing/dictation centers. Glass clerestories are also utilized in all patient rooms/treatment areas to allow for natural light, while also providing patient privacy. Spaces requiring the most light were located where they would receive natural light, and larger, more accommodating patient areas were provided. The use of lighting and paint to assist with wayfinding also help improve the patient experience.

Also included is a self-sustaining, high-profile patient clinic with eight exam rooms, private X-ray, nurse station and other amenities with direct access from a private elevator.

Photos: © Attic Fire Photography