The luxury Nashville Edition Hotel seeks to embrace the urban nature of the surrounding Gulch neighborhood while setting itself apart from other developments. Plant life becomes a key exterior feature of the proposed 16-story hotel, an offering for guests seeking biophilic spaces within the city where greenery is less prevalent. The planter edges aid in defining key areas for outdoor access in prominent public areas. This enhances guests’ sense of arrival and invites the neighborhood into the street-level concert venue, 3,000-square-foot restaurant and 8,000-square-foot multi-vendor market hall.

Material selection is crucial to how the project presents itself along Porter Street and Grundy Street. Glass, brass-toned metal and varying masonry create an inviting and warm entry. The tower is a mixture of cast concrete, metal and glass—materials which differentiate from each other texturally and reflect the cosmopolitan nature of the Gulch—that will integrate into Nashville’s skyline and the surrounding urban landscape. Seeking LEED® Certification, the hotel will also include 281 guest rooms, 5,000 square feet of meeting space, rooftop pool and bar, spa/fitness facility and private bar and lounge retail.