Refined Luxury in an Urban Setting: 1111 Church Street, Nashville’s Newest Landmark

The eagerly anticipated 1111 Church Street mixed-use project in the heart of Nashville has reached its long-awaited completion. This development, designed by ESa, stands as a testament to modern urban planning and timeless architectural design. Situated in one of the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods, 1111 Church Street contributes to the evolving skyline, offering a modern blend of commercial, residential, and recreational spaces that transform the urban experience for both residents and visitors.

Containing 380 one and two-bedroom apartment units, the tower embraces the rectilinear block with four street frontages and a major alley. While occupying as much of the city edge conditions as possible, the development activates the unused alley into pedestrian-friendly retail space. Back-of-house and utility areas are limited along this alley frontage.

Redefining Urban Living in Nashville

A true luxury mixed-use, 25-story tower, 1111 Church Street, offers a wide range of amenities that cater to both residents and the broader community. The tower has over 52,000 square feet of interior and exterior amenities for the exclusive use of its residents. Interior amenities include a fitness center with two studios, men’s and women’s locker rooms with steam, sauna and showers. There are two private dining rooms, a self-serve kitchen/pantry, four conference pods, two lounges, a library, music room, billiards/ping-pong room and a sports simulator. Exterior amenities include a pool deck with outdoor bar and outdoor grills, dog run, pickle ball court, and an outdoor fitness area.

The abundant state-of-the-art amenities provide an environment that supports health and wellness, rooftop terraces with breathtaking views of the city create the perfect setting for social gatherings and events. The development also incorporates retail spaces for shopping and dining right at the doorstep. These amenities, coupled with dedicated concierge services, allow 1111 Church Street to offer a balanced and fulfilling urban lifestyle for all who call it home.

1111 Church Street

Placemaking through Minimalist Design

Inspired by timeless and minimalist design, the 1111 Church Street design features include exposed columns and the largest amenity deck in Nashville. The organic and human-natured conceptual design of the exterior has significantly influenced the interior architecture, incorporating curvilinear elements seamlessly.

The tower’s positioning takes advantage of its site, in direct response to the project’s central design challenge. Most of the street front on the Church Street viaduct is elevated by 30 feet from the rest of the property. Connectivity was resolved with the creation of a monumental stair that leads pedestrians from the Church Street level down to the upgraded alley. The integration of the alley not only creates pedestrian engagement, but it also establishes a uniform context between the street fronts and base of the tower.

1111 Church Street

Emerging out of the base with strong verticality, the tower’s modernist-styled design gives hierarchy to the exposed structural concrete columns that extend beyond the roof line. A minimalist, industrial palette allows the domination of glass, accented with metal and exposed concrete, to reflect the building’s surroundings. Twenty-one stories rise above Church Street, and the remaining four stories are subgrade. Approximately 150 public parking spaces serve retail patrons and the surrounding community.

From its prime location, residents can easily access the vibrant city life and its myriad attractions. The project boasts meticulously landscaped green spaces that serve as peaceful urban oasis.

1111 Church Street