Centered around two historic urban buildings, this new development brings four towers of residential, retail and office space to a growing Nashville neighborhood. Tower One’s 16 stories comprise 278 residential units, 290 parking spaces, 7,000 square feet of retail space and an 18,000 square foot linear office area. Tower Two features 20 stories and includes 328 residential units, 395 parking spaces, a resident library and 1,000 square feet of retail space. Both Towers’ amenities offer rooftop pools, resident lounges, business centers, pet wash areas and fitness centers. Tower three consists of 30 floors of apartments, for a total of 396 units. The fourth tower will contain office space, consisting of 22 floors totaling approximately 522,675 sf. Shared by both the third and fourth towers will be a parking garage with approximately 1,500 spaces.

To establish a cohesive context for the emerging district, the design strategically promotes a contemporary interpretation of the industrial character found in the landmark Voorhees Building and a former Antiques Mall—which lie at the base of the development. The podiums of each Tower relate to the overall massing of the Voorhees Building to create a common scale, while the articulation of solid panel grids relate to the overall massing and scale of the new structures. A second layer of vertically oriented shifting panels creates a modern gesture that seamlessly integrates with the industrial language of the existing buildings. The massing carves away at the top floor of each Tower to provide exterior amenity areas with views of Downtown Nashville.

The development not only brings new residential and commercial opportunities to the area, but also creates a dynamic retail environment placed along a central pedestrian thruway. This paseo—which inspired the development’s name—is stitched through Tower One, connecting the Antiques Mall and Tower Two. It includes a variety of storefronts, outdoor dining and landscape spaces.