This new, two-story building houses a hospital outpatient surgery department (HOPD) for Baptist Memorial Hospital Carroll County as well as replacement facilities for The Jackson Clinic that includes physician’s office clinics, outpatient diagnostic imaging, ophthalmology, pharmacy, lab, infusion, audiology and physical therapy.

As the first building on this new campus, the design establishes a sense of place and sets the tone for future growth. The building is oriented to the east, visible from the nearby Highway 45 bypass. The east facade consists of three entry points with a centralized main entrance canopy for ease of access and wayfinding. The building has dedicated entry for the HOPD, ophthalmology department and the clinic. Uniquely, the HOPD has its own dedicated discharge canopy.

The main lobby contains a snack/coffee bar in addition to public restroom facilities. The design takes into consideration the potential need for additional growth and contains a second-floor expansion zone for horizontal growth.

Photos: © Gabe Ford Photography