The Imperial House was among the premier luxury apartment complexes in Nashville in the 60s and impressed locals and visitors with its unique look throughout its lifespan. Opened in 1963, the mid-century modern building in Belle Meade was the first commission of ESa founder, Earl Swensson, after relocating to Nashville from Chicago, and featured some of the most unique characteristic of the era, the Imperial House quickly became a symbol of innovative design in the city.

The eleven-story apartment building featured a picnic shelter, parking shelters, and expansive outdoor recreational areas. The Imperial House epitomized futuristic mid-century style with its iconic butterfly architectural motifs. In its prime, the complex dazzled with its striking aesthetic and offered residents and guests a glimpse into a bold vision of the future.

The Imperial House stands as a testament to mid-century architectural innovation in Nashville. Its distinctive features, from the pre-cast concrete structural framework to the decorative elements like stylized private balconies, contribute to its timeless appeal. With meticulous attention to detail and a blend of luxury amenities, the Imperial House remains an enduring symbol of elegance and sophistication in the city’s landscape.

The apartments operated until 2006 and were damaged by the 2010 flood. The building was demolished in May 2017.