The client wanted to make a statement in Nashville with its headquarters building to demonstrate high-tech communications. More than 20 years later, it is still the tallest building in Tennessee. At 632 feet, its symbolic twin spires reach to the sky in a high-tech salute to command the skyline. The distinctive structure dominates Nashville’s skyline and occupies one-and-two-thirds of a city block while including a two-story economic development center, an 8,000 square foot enclosed winter garden, and a nine-story, 1,308-space underground parking garage.

The design and function of the 630.50-foot-high glass and red granite based building distinguishes Nashville as a center for high-tech communications. The facility incorporates green space into an urban landscape through its public park at the main entrance and another smaller park at the rear of the building that works with the grade of the site by traversing over three levels. Accessible from both the front and rear parks is a three-story winter garden, which serves as a foyer to the lobby of the office tower and as a connector between the office tower and an adjacent high-tech center, which is available to the general public for meeting space.

Instead of traditional outboard columns, the tower’s main supports are located three-and-a-half feet inward, creating an unobstructed perimeter corridor. Not only is this building’s design highly functional, but it gives all occupants of the facility equal access to natural light, while offering all Nashvillians a proud frame of reference.

Photos by Jon Miller © Hedrich Blessing; © Jonathan Hillyer Photography, Inc.; © Norman McGrath