Justin joined ESa in 2006, after earning his Bachelor of Architecture, with a minor in business management, from Louisiana Tech University. In his role as Design Manager, Justin provides masterplanning and design services for new and expanded/renovated medical facilities and campuses of varying size and complexity. In serving clients, Justin’s goal is to build a platform that achieves creativity and innovation, while committing the time and attention to detail necessary to shape design solutions that will bring clients’ visions to life.

Justin is typically involved with all stages of a project, though he specializes in the design and programming phases. Justin’s personal design philosophy involves “pushing the envelope on design approaches to improve the built environment.” An EDAC accredited professional, Justin enjoys healthcare design because of the complexity and challenge. With priorities that vary from functionality and flow, to code requirements and spatial programming guidelines, healthcare projects “constantly present opportunities for innovation—not just in the technology of patient care, but also in the design of healing spaces and strategic master planning for the future.”

In his personal time, Justin enjoys volunteering on mission trips with Justice Mercy International, wood working and fishing. He also joins his wife, a freelance photographer and videographer, working with non-profits that serve the poor, orphaned and others in need around the world.