The latest edition of HCD Magazine features a healthcare design showcase on the Aviv Clinic and a Q&A with Kevin Harney, ESa principal and vice president.

The Aviv Clinic
The new 29,400-square-foot Aviv Clinic, an add-on to the Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood (CAHB) in the Brownwood neighborhood, is designed to deliver a personalized regime of cognitive and physical training and nutritional coaching via the Aviv Medical Program, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Central to the program is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), a treatment in which clients breathe in pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber where the air pressure is increased to twice that of normal air with the goal of improving cognitive performance.

Kevin Harney
Kevin, in his role as vice president and principal, provides project planning, design management and client relations services for healthcare projects nationwide. He believes that the keys to excellent client service are listening to project goals, processing, understanding and acting with creative design solutions. His wealth of design experience includes master planning, site development, programming, schematic design and department planning for healthcare facilities of all types. During the course of projects, he acts as a conduit for communication among all team members, helping to translate design intent and program over the lifecycle of the project. To Kevin, the most rewarding experience is when end users and owners express how great the spaces are and how ESa’s designs helped to provide better patient care, truly making a difference.

HCD Showcase Feature