People give meaning to design.

Our Team

We are as individual as our designs: photographers and cyclists, cave explorers and backpackers, collectors of vinyl records and Major League baseball park tickets. Hailing from New York to Hawaii, our kaleidoscope of talents and experience comes together to create unique buildings and also build a strong community.

ESa picnic 2010 ESa 50th celebration ESa picnic 2012 pumpkin carving


Life at the office can be a good thing

After-hours picnics at the zoo. Golf tournaments and broomball battles. Five-dollar jeans-wearing Fridays and Thanksgiving potlucks. Life at the office can be a good thing, especially when you are surrounded by talented, hard-working professionals who value the skills you bring to the table and challenge you to broaden them.

Working at ESa, every day is full of passion—not only for design but also for relationships. You are not just going to work every day, you are spending quality time with family members you love and friends who care.

— Chao Sun

Giving Back

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