The Reed Memorial Bell Tower commemorates Trevecca Nazarene University’s past president, Dr. Millard Reed—someone with whom ESa worked closely for nearly two decades. The tower anchors the main lawn of campus and will be a focal point of the future pedestrian spine and the ESa-renovated quad. The limestone base and white columns echo the campus’ architecture, and the graduation ceremony will progress through the tower’s arch each year.

The three distinct sections of the tower are symbolic of Dr. Reed’s rich legacy as minister, college president, and missionary. The four largest columns represent the Gospels, while 12 columns cluster around the tower’s base representing the 12 apostles. Fittingly, the columns are grouped into threes, signifying the Holy Trinity.

In addition to serving as a memorial, the tower acts as a carillon for the campus, playing a collection of digital chimes and songs from the musical archives while also having the capability to make custom music. To highlight this signature piece during special campus events and festivities, the top of the tower is lit with illuminating LED lights.

Photos © Shannon Fontaine Photography