This design concept focused on creating a site-specific, tourist-destination area hospital sensitive to the ski resort area and nature of the 18-acre locale. Both massing of the building and material selections are consistent with the regional architectural vernacular. The lobby’s large atrium, wrought iron chandelier, and stone fireplace are reminiscent of a mountain lodge.

Echoing the surrounding terrain, the peaks and valleys of the community size necessitated that the new facility be designed for flexibility. Originally a 25-bed hospital, the bed-wing expansion brought the facility to 35 beds, which can easily flex with the on-and-off tourist seasons. For example, four of the 16 patient rooms in the emergency department can be closed off. Since each room has a full bathroom and shower, intensive care unit beds can double as medical-surgical beds, depending on the fluctuation of the patient population.

Ease of navigation is added to the element of flexibility. Operational design is streamlined, with every room designed around a central report area. Key departments are located on perimeter walls in order to accommodate future expansion without disruption in services, and wayfinding is made simple for both the public and the patients.

Photos by Scott McDonald © Hedrich Blessing