The Baptist Memorial Women’s Hospital’s addition of its Pediatric Emergency Services has allowed for the hospital to now treat mothers and their children in the same facility. The 56,500-square-foot addition, called the Spence and Becky Wilson Baptist Children’s Hospital, includes a 17,500-square-foot pediatric emergency department, as well as three additional floors that provide approximately 13,000 square feet of shell space per floor for future growth of inpatient services.

Unique features are specifically designed to help lessen the anxiety a child typically feels when being taken to an emergency department, and to comfort women being treated at the hospital as well. From the moment of their arrival, and throughout the waiting time, patients enter an environment of canopies, trees, an aquarium, and interactive LED lighting features, offering positive distractions that integrate the experience into the hospital’s pediatric services theme.

Baptist’s addition of a pediatric emergency department has had a great impact on Memphis and the surrounding area, as there was previously only one other pediatric emergency department in the city. Now area children can be treated for broken bones, sprains, lacerations, dehydration, respiratory illnesses, and more at this visionary pediatric emergency room.

After working with ESa closely for many years on our extensive program, I couldn’t imagine a better working relationship with an architectural firm. Not only are all of their team members responsive, the firm has always demonstrated a dedicated commitment to working with us on our limits regarding budgets and schedules. —Bill Tuttle, VP of Planning, Metro Memphis, Baptist Memorial Health Care Corp.

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