As a member of a joint venture with Centric Architecture, ESa helped unite the College of Education under one roof for the first time since the institute’s founding in 1911. Working as the education specialist, we designed the interior architecture and were responsible for space planning and organization of the educational environment.

Sited prominently, this building introduces a new campus lawn as it turns the corner of student traffic from a major student circulation spine into the new lawn. To front both spaces, the building is U-shaped, allowing the creation of an appropriately scaled courtyard. The 82,500 square foot structure houses classrooms, labs, and faculty offices, public study areas, a 75-seat auditorium, and a 150-seat auditorium.

The flexibly designed classrooms can accommodate collaborative learning and group study, and when it’s time for a study break, a café on the second level opens out into a covered balcony complete with tables and chairs. A curving grand stair, anchored by banquette seating on the first level, accesses all three levels, making the building very user-friendly.

Photos © Kyle Dreier Photography