Designed to house Healthways headquarters, the five-story office building’s dynamics reflect the progressive nature of its headquartered business while also establishing a connection to its park-like setting with a public entry courtyard, center park area, and a more private courtyard for the tenant. Its design also allows for flexibility in configurations of interior space and data connections. Below the building is a one-level parking garage that contains 105 vehicle spaces, while a detached three-level, 209,000 square foot parking garage provides 591. Additional surface parking is available.

The building envelope combines integrally-colored precast concrete panels with aluminum storefront windows and curtainwall systems. Entry canopies are clad with an aluminum panel system and roof system as well. With convenience in mind, concrete post-tension floor and roof construction and concrete columns provide open floor plates, with minimum columns interrupting work areas. Design also allows for a low-scale access floor system to accommodate electrical and data connections, with easy access via removable panels at any part of the flooring.

In addition to these technologically-friendly features, the floor-to-ceiling glassed spaces establish a visual connection to the landscaped, park-like setting. Well-lit lawn equipped with power connections can accommodate meeting functions and concert-type events.

Photos © Tom Gatlin