The contemporary office building reflecting its high-tech culture on a corporate campus began its life as a windowless, dismal, tilt-up concrete panel warehouse reminiscent of a rabbit-warren.

HCA’s Corporate Office Building #3 is a result of a renovation transformation creating new highly flexible corporate office space. When the previous tenant moved, HCA was given the opportunity to take the space located on its existing Nashville Corporate Campus and consolidate corporate office employees working in separately leased spaces throughout the Metropolitan Nashville area.

Today, the former warehouse is a light-filled open office environment providing approximately 110,000 square feet of new office space that houses around 500 of HCA’s Corporate Information Technology and Services employees. Due to the large footprint of the existing structure, the design team located two new atrium spaces at the center of the large warehouse space to bring daylight into the core of the building. A monumental stair allows employees to move freely between the two floors for team functions, while the new atria provide space for larger group meetings.

The facility was planned as open office space because of the collaborative nature of the occupants’ work, allowing large groups the flexibility to modify workspaces according to project needs. Conference and teaming areas are strategically placed throughout the facility, and a wireless local area network gives laptop users free reign of the newly renovated structure.

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